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Tranquil? Or Not?

In searching through my collection, I uncovered this pleasing dawn chorus that I recorded at Land Between the Lakes , Kentucky, way back in 1995. It is a fairly busy chorus, featuring two Wood Thrushes singing back-and-forth. In the background, one can hear a Whip-poor-will, along with a din of bird song (a Cardinal being fairly prominent). Filling-in the low end are distant Barred Owls and a lone Mourning Dove …


Where Did Spring Go?

Winter has returned in spades! There’s perhaps five inches of snow on the ground and last night the temperature dropped to 10F. It feels like mid-January, and it’s hard to believe that it was in the high 60s no more than a week ago. So I spent the morning in my studio, huddled in front of my computer, editing bird videos I gathered during warmer weather the week before …


Frog Pond Fun

I’ve just received a new toy … a fairly high-end camcorder that shoots in ultra high definition (4K) and is loaded with bells-and-whistles that will help me get splendid cinematic footage. Just for fun, I hauled it out to our frog pond last night and looked for some test subjects …


Bluebird Courtship Feeding

Bluebirds are at it again, courting in preparation for their nesting season. I’ve been hearing them sing for about two weeks, so I went this morning, hoping to videotape one in full song. I was not successful, but I did manage to capture something very special… mating feedingbehavior!


Mockingbird Songster

I rose early this morning and drove to a nearby natural area in hopes of getting videos of a Northern Mockingbird. Luck was with me. Shortly after arriving, I found a cooperative singing male and managed to snag some fairly nice footage, with decent sound to boot!


Beaver Moanings

What kind of voice does the American Beaver have? Would you ever guess that the young make expressive moans from within the den, especially in the autumn of the year? This is my all-time favorite beaver recording! Listen with an open heart and you will fall totally in love with these little guys …


Porcupine Squeals

Having posted recordings of the groundhog and raccoon, several of my readers inquired about the porcupine. So here’s a recording of porcupine squeals that I made in the Adirondack Mountains way back in 1988, at the very beginning of my nature recording career …


Raccoon Fight

Just having published a blog post featuring a groundhog fight, I’ve decided to post a raccoon fight for comparison. This is an old recording, from September of 1990, yet it is still my best example of fighting or scuffling within a family group …


Groundhog Fight

Late this afternoon I went on a nature walk near where I live in upstate New York. While ambling along a trail through the forest, I was startled by loud screaming, coming from a large pile of brush right next to the trail. There I spied two groundhogs, locked together in a fight …

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