The Purchasing Process

1. To purchase an item, click on the big blue “Purchase” button:

purchase button art

2. Within a few seconds, that button should change to “Checkout”:

checkout button art

3) There are two ways to go to the “Checkout Page” in order to finalize your order, a) Click on any big blue “Checkout” button, or b) Click on the “Checkout” navigation link in the “Albums” tab dropdown at the top of the page.

4) At any point, you can click on the “Shopping Cart” link to view what items you’ve ordered:

shopping cart screenshot

5) Now, when you go to our secure checkout page, you’ll see that your product has been added:

Checkout Page Screenshot

6) To complete your order, choose your payment technique, fill in the information, and hit submit. When the PayPal or Credit Card processing (done via Stripe) is complete, you will be directed to your Purchase Confirmation Page, which includes your download link.

If for any reason you are unable to place your order, please Contact Us immediately and we will attempt to resolve the problem. Please describe what went wrong in as much detail as possible:

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