The Music of Nature Podcast Series

Lang selfieHi friends! Welcome to my Music of Nature Podcast Series. Join me as I explore the outdoors and share my experiences and favorite recordings from wild areas across North America and beyond.

How to Listen: All my podcasts accessible via the Soundcloud playlist below. You may also subscribe to my podcast through iTunes or Stitcher via the buttons below; this will allow you access my podcasts on your mobile device using various podcast-aggregator apps.

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Note: With few exceptions, the recordings featured in my podcast episodes are spacious “3D binaural soundscapes”. Please wear headphones for a profound listening experience that will make you think you’re actually out there, immersed in the natural world!

lang in the muckHi again! Be aware that I’m always looking for feedback concerning the presentation style and impact of my podcasts, so please consider leaving a comment below … and rest assured that constructive criticism is welcome!


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