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lang_silhouetteHello everyone! See below for a brief personal statement. You can also learn more about me by checking out the following links:

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Who Am I?

waterdog-291x300This is not an easy question to answer. I might just say “I am a child of nature” and let it go at that. Or I might identify myself as a “naturalist” or a “nature recordist” or a “nature cinematographer” or a “nature photographer” or a “nature book author” or a “nature poet.” And there would be some truth to each of these designations. I may also explain that my appreciation of nature has strong spiritual and mystical roots, but what exactly does that mean? So maybe I should just let it go at that, only adding that I believe it’s my job in this life to celebrate the wonder of beauty of nature, even the miracle of existence itself.

OK, enough said for now. It’s time to jump back into the mud and muck … into the primordial soup, the wat’ry womb from which I’ve sprung.

A Famous Friend:

langHHDL_2-284x300Actually, I do not know His Holiness the Dalai Lama personally. However, when he visited Ithaca, NY in 2008, I was official photographer for Namgyal Monastery. During an intense shoot where I was photographing His Holiness posing individually with dozens of people who had helped organize the event, he suddenly waved me to him and instructed someone else to take our picture … an entirely unexpected blessing. What a gracious man he is!

Note that while I am not a Buddhist in a strict sense, I do have Buddhist “leanings,” which are beginning to show through in my most recent work. Being touched by His Holiness must have had some positive effect, don’t you think?


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