Logo - 250pxWelcome to “Meanderings,” my nature celebration blog!

Just in case you’re wondering, I’ve named my blog “Meanderings” because my path to praising nature is rather unpredictable, curvaceous, moving this way and that, yet always flowing in the same direction, converging upon the same end … that of celebrating the wonder and beauty of nature near at hand!

Nature Sounds for Relaxation

This playlist features spacious, ambient binaural 3D nature recordings carefully chosen for relaxation, meditation and stress relief. Please listen using headphones or earbuds. If external noise levels are high, noise cancellation headphones will yield a superbly...

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Southward Bound 2019

Small waterfall in Shindagin Hollow © Lang Elliott

H All! Now that spring has come to upstate New York, I’ve decided to drive south toward heat and mosquitoes. Go figure … sometimes I do just the opposite of what a “normal” person would do …

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Spring Is Here!

Jefferson Salamander migrating on 8 Feb 2019

Last Thursday, on the 8th of February, we had a brief warm and rainy spell. The temperature rose to about 50F during the day and then dropped into the high 40s as night unfolded. Although way too early in the season for amphibian activity here in upstate New York, I decided to visit a local natural area just in case a wayward Jefferson Salamander was on the move …

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Snow Trekker

Jefferson Salamander - screenshot from video

Enjoy this wonderful video featuring a Jefferson Salamander crossing a snow patch during its early spring migration from the forest to the breeding pond …

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Behind the Scenes

Lang at pond's edge with soundscape microphone - © Siobhan McClory

Hi All! As you’re already aware (at least I think), I just published my new mobile application, Pure Nature – 3D soundscapes, which features a large selection of immersive 3D binaural soundscapes that are suitable for relaxation and personal enjoyment. You may wonder how I got into this work, about what led me to travel a half-million miles to gather the recordings that form the basis of the app. So here is brief history of my work …

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Yasuni Soundscapes – Binaural Podcast

Greetings everyone! I’m pleased to announce that I’ve just published Yasuni Soundscapes, a fully-binaural, 30-minute narrated podcast featuring 23 recordings I made in early November at Sani Lodge, in the Yasuni National Park region of Ecuador’s lowland Amazon rainforest. In this immersive nature sound experience, I share my rainforest recording adventure, condensing nearly six days of field work into a reconstruction of a typical day of observing and listening.

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Yasuni Soundscapes

Sani Lodge lagoon at dawn  © Lang Elliott

Hi all! I am fresh back from Ecuador and excited to share soundscapes I recorded at the wonderful Sani Lodge, located along the Napo River about 50 miles downriver from Coca, Ecuador. I’ve posted 21 (so far) on SoundCloud … you can listen to them via the playlist below …

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Ecuador or Bust!

Sani Lodge from internet

Hi Everyone! Guess what? I’m heading to Ecuador in a few days to spend a week at Sani Lodge, situated in lowland rainforest along the Rio Napo (in Yasuni National Park). I’ll be gathering binaural ambience recordings for a movie about rainforest birds and relevant conservation issues. Check out this post if you are interested in learning more details. And rest assured that upon my return, I’ll share my favorite recordings, along with photos and perhaps some videos as well.

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Spring Delights 2018 – Binaural Podcast

Shindagin Hollow Meditation Spot

Spring Delights 2018 is a 24 minute podcast featuring immersive binaural recordings I gathered this year during the height of spring. This is the first of two or three podcasts that will celebrate this season’s work. To experience the incredible spaciousness of the recordings, please listen using headphones!

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Winter Windstorm

spruce stand in winter by Lang Elliott

During the winter, I busy myself with creative work in my studio but try to keep in touch with what is happening out in wild nature. For a long time, I’ve wanted to get a powerful “elemental” soundscape featuring winter wind blowing through pines or spruces, and on February 28 the opportunity to do just that came blowing my way.

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