Northwoods Sunset Robin & Spring Peepers at dusk. 25 May 1994, northern Minnesota. Recorded by Ted Mack.

Searching my collection for unused soundscapes, I came across this jewel: a lone robin singing at dusk with spring peepers chorusing in the background. This is a zen-infused recording, a simple yet profoundly moving soundscape that is at once relaxing and sublime. It provides a true taste of northwoods magic and an inkling of things soon to come. My good friend Ted Mack captured this beauty during a 6-month recording expedition the two of us undertook way back in 1994.

I only wish it lasted longer. After about five minutes of singing, the robin went mute. Then all we hear is peepers and a few other subtle bird songs in the background. During the recording, listen for the whistles of White-throated Sparrows and songs of Nashville Warbler (I think), maybe a Song Sparrow, Common Yellowthroat, and Winter Wren. I hear a single faint Swainson’s Thrush song near the end. There are also occasional very faint cackles of a Wood Frog. Have I missed anything (I can use some help identifying the faint bird songs in the background)?

I truly love this recording and find myself playing it over and over again. Thank you Ted for capturing and crystallizing this brief, yet supremely exalted moment in time!

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