Caprock Coulee Caprock Coulee Dawn Chorus, 10 July 2011, Theodore Roosevelt National Park (north unit), about 15 miles south of Watford City, North Dakota. © Lang Elliott. Note: this is a 3D binaural soundscape; please wear headphones for a realistic spatial effect.

Enjoy this beautiful summer dawn chorus from Theodore Roosevelt National Park in western North Dakota (see map below). Listen for the songs of American Crow, Yellow-breasted Chat, Mourning Dove, Painted Bunting, Spotted Towhee, Field Sparrow, and crickets. I made this recording during a westward journey in 2011. It is among my favorites.

The setting was beautiful: a lush grassy meadow and wooded ravine enclosed by steep rocky slopes. Technically speaking, a “coulee” is a unique box-shaped valley created by ice age floods. Take a look at the above photo and you will see that this coulee is crowned by a prominent “caprock” in the distance … hence the name: Caprock Coulee!

Let me know what you think of this soundscape. And do you hear any additional birds?

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