Beaver Pond Dawn Chorus at Beaver Pond. Recorded by Lang Elliott, 31 May 2013, near Ithaca, NY. Note: this is a 3D binaural soundscape; please wear headphones for a realistic spatial effect.

As temperatures plummet here in upstate New York (currently 14F and heading for below zero this weekend), I cannot help but dream of spring. Yesterday I stumbled upon a dawn chorus from May 31 in 2013, recorded at a beaver pond not far from where I live. Somehow it had escaped my notice. But when I listened to it, I was struck by its inherent beauty, by the sweetly balanced mix of frog and bird sounds as dawn unfolds.

I’ve decided to share a ten-minute segment with you, so that you can enjoy the music of spring while winter still has a firm hold. Please take a few minutes to listen, with headphones or earbuds if possible. Close your eyes and allow yourself to sink into the wonder of nature. Experience a few moments of peace, a respite from the worries and concerns of your day.

me_myself_and_I p.s. I am so impressed by this soundscape, I may add it as a new title in my soundscape offerings. Is it good enough? Do you think I should add it … over an hour of continuous, pristine unfolding?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x
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