Pine Woods at Dusk (Everglades NP) by Lang Elliott “Apalachicola” podcast prototype © Lang Elliott, 2016. Length: 20:49. For an amazingly immersive nature sound experience, listen using headphones or earbuds … (my apology for the roughness of my radiation-damaged voice).

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Hello Friends! I’ve been very busy as of late, producing my first narrated podcast prototype and I’m rather pleased with the result. The name of my podcast is “Apalachicola” and it lasts twenty minutes. The focus is on the extraordinary soundscape of the Apalachicola National Forest, a pine-flatwoods natural area located in the Florida panhandle, just a stone’s throw from Tallahasee. In the podcast, I invite the listener to join me as we go camping along the Sopchoppy River, first experiencing the sounds of dusk and the night, and then awakening early for the dawn chorus.

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Please let me know what you think of this first effort. My voice is still not up-to-snuff, but it’s certainly good enough for prototyping, and that’s why I’ve decided to forge ahead in this arena. My plan is to produce a whole series of podcasts, varying in length from around 4-5 minutes upward to around 20-minutes. I will cover a wide range of subjects, with an emphasis on sharing nearly thirty years of adventures in the field at a variety of locations throughout North America (plus trips to Australia, Peru, and other exotic locations).


Although “Apalachicola” is presented as if it is happening the present, the reality is that it is a fairly faithful recounting of a portion of my very first recording expedition, which occurred way back in 1988, nearly thirty years ago. It was mid-May. I was with my good friend and fellow recordist Ted Mack. After several days on the road, we landed in Apalachicola National Forest in the panhandle of Florida. And what an adventure we had! Below is a photo of Ted and I, taken just before we left on our trip:

Ted and Land - 1988 trip with white van

Note that in reconstructing the Apalachicola experience, I have drawn upon recordings made by Ted and I during multiple visits to the forest. Most of these recordings are “binaural,” and therefore provide an extremely spacious and immersive experience if listened-to using headphones or earbuds. If I am successful in my story-telling, listeners will feel as if they are actually there in the southern pine woods, embracing the extraordinary soundscape.

Species Covered

Here is a list of the species featured in the podcast, in the order in which they appear:

Bachman’s Sparrow (aka Pine Woods Sparrow)
Common Nighthawk
Pine Woods Treefrog
Pine Sawyer
Barred Owl
White-tailed Deer
Great-crested Flycatcher
Red-cockaded Woodpecker
Blue Grosbeak
Brown-headed Nuthatch
Pig Frog
Red-shouldered Hawk
Pileated Woodpecker
Eastern Bluebird

What are Podcasts?

Podcasts are a communication format that relies on narration to set the scene and tell an engaging story. If you’re not familiar with the expanding world of podcasts, you might be listening to some without realizing it. How about “This American Life,” which airs on NPR? It is an independently-produced podcast that is distributed in a variety of ways, including via conventional radio.

But radio is not the only mode of transmission. Most podcasts are also distributed via iTunes or Google Play or through a variety of other podcast-dissemination sources. People often listen to their favorite podcasts while driving to work in the morning. In the future, automobiles will make it easy for listeners to subscribe to their favorite podcasts, receiving new material automatically via the car electronics. The podcast revolution is well underway!


So, I hope you like my first effort at creating a podcast. Be aware that this is a “prototype” in that I don’t consider it to be the final version (at the least, I will probably re-narrate it). Please chime-in below to let me know what you think. I welcome all criticisms because they will help me improve my story-telling technique as I move forward in the podcasting arena.

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