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I have a growing collection of superb high definition nature video clips (including some 4K), along with a world class collection of nature sound recordings, ranging from ambient recordings of habitats, to closeup recordings of individual species. My speciality is North American birds, frogs, insects, mammals, habitats, along with streams, thunderstorms, cloudscapes, sunrises and sunsets, moonrises, and the like. All media is available for licensing for commercial projects.

Video Collection: I specialize in producing high quality “video vignettes” of birds, frogs, insects, and many other natural subjects, accompanied by superb natural sounds. My collection of singing bird videos is perhaps the best available for my region. I am now moving into 4K video and have been very active collecting new material. Check out my online Video Library for examples of the quality and breadth of my work.

Audio Collection: I have been recording nature for over 25 years and have an extensive collection of bird, frog, insect, and mammal recordings with an eastern/central North American emphasis. Along with “species-closeups” that portray the sounds made by individual species, I have a vast collection of nature ambient recordings from a variety of habitats across North America.

Licensing Fees: The licensing fee will depend entirely on the details of the project … the extent of the media being licensed (number of species, time per recording or video clip, etc.), the way the media will be used (for broadcast, a commercial product, web site use, etc.), and the scope and size of the project. Please contact me with a basic description and I will get back to you via e-mail, where we can discuss the details and come up with a mutually satisfactory licensing arrangement.

Client List: My sound recordings, video footage, and photographs have been licensed for use in well over a thousand projects and products over the last two decades, including science museum and nature center exhibits, movie soundtracks, birding apps, web sites, bird song clocks, plush toys, audio CDs and DVDs, and many more. Prominent clients have included the following:

National Audubon Society, Boston Museum of Science, Chicago Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Houston Museum of Natural Science, Exploratorium, San Diego Museum of Art, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, CBS News.

Current birding mobile device applications that feature my sound collection include: iBird, Sibley eGuide to Birds, Audubon Birds, BirdTunes. My bird song and call collection is also featured on the Audubon Society’s Online Guide to North American Birds.

I pride myself in offering nothing but the best media available!

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