My Mission

lang-among-flowersMy mission is to love life as fully as possible and expand my consciousness of the abundance at my doorstep, with nature as my focus. By sharing my path and creations, I hope to shed light on ways of appreciating and knowing that will help people relax into the miracle, sense the “music of nature” that surrounds us, and find relief from the stresses and worries of everyday life.

My approach combines three ways of being and knowing, none more important than the others, and all three working in concert to produce a deeper understanding and love of existence here on planet earth and beyond. These three points of view involve the following actions and intentions:

1. Becoming intimate with our family of life on earth, with the diversity of nature that we encounter almost every day … the birds and bees, the flowers and trees, the water and rocks, the earth and sky. This requires a simple dedication to the study of nature, to paying close attention to our surroundings, the creatures that live nearby, the cycle of the seasons … basic natural history details that help us see outside the box of human-centric artificiality in the modern world. How can we love what we do not know?

2. Cultivating the ability to experience a deep and profound sensory-based immersion in the miracle of nature and existence itself. This involves nurturing a quiet and relaxed mind coupled with a meditative, non-referential orientation toward nature, toward all that is. As part of this process, it is important to understand and minimize cultural misunderstandings that prevent us from feeling like we are a “part of it all” and sensing the spiritual connection to our surroundings that is our birthright. Wouldn’t you like to experience the oneness that pervades all things?

3. Embarking on an honest intellectual and philosophical examination of our belief systems, their origins and outcomes, in an attempt to weave a more enlightened story of existence. What seems needed is a dream of the earth and the place of human beings in the grand scheme of things that not only makes good sense, but also paves the way for a reverent, sane, and sustainable way of life. Do not the stories we tell ourselves profoundly impact the way we treat one another and our planet earth?


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