Nearly two weeks ago, I posted a sound recording of Brown Thrasher singing, mentioning that I hoped to eventually get some cinematic footage as well. Now I have good news: on Sunday morning (yesterday), I was able to do just that!

Just as I was ending my morning’s nature immersion at Finger Lakes National Forest, a thrasher began singing from a patch of shrubs next to my parked car. I grabbed my video gear and scurried in his direction. But before I could locate him, he flew across a big field to a tall tree where he sang just long enough for me to make my way to him and aim my camera in his direction. Then, just as I pressed the record button, he flew back to the road, with me in hot pursuit. Finally, and to my considerable relief, he settled in the top of a hickory tree and sang his heart out for nearly ten minutes. He completely ignored my approach, apparently unperturbed by me toting a big lens and tripod.

There was a problem, however … he was obscured by the thick tangle of limbs. So I carefully worked my way around the tree until I found a small “window” through the limbs that yielded an acceptable view. I carefully aimed my camera, brought him into focus, and pressed record, smiling with pleasure as I documented his performance.

My only complaint is that the sound track is a bit busy … there were several red-winged blackbirds nearby that just wouldn’t shut up, in spite of me scowling at them and trying to use my power of concentration to think them into silence. Oh well, they’re a treasured part of nature’s orchestra, aren’t they?

4702-1I hope to get even better footage in the weeks to come, knowing that success depends both on the birds and me. I need to find an individual who tolerates my approach and also sings from lower limbs or else smaller trees. Surely that male will find its way to me, but only if I do my part, which is: get up early and place myself in wild nature, with receptive eyes, ears, and heart. Unless I do that, nothing of much import is likely to happen.

As always, I personally invite to comment about my video and my story.

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