Taberville Prairie - 1400px by Lang Elliott August Prairiesong – a podcast prototype sharing my early August visit to Taberville Prairie Conservation Area and Prairie State Park, both located in southwestern Missouri. © Lang Elliott.

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I am thrilled to finish my latest podcast prototype. I think I’m definitely homing-in on a good style of delivery, especially when sharing actual adventures in the field.

August Prairiesong is a true-to-life recounting of my early August visit to Taberville Prairie Conservation Area and Prairie State Park, both being tallgrass prairie preserves located in southwestern Missouri. I wasn’t sure what I’d find happening in these prairie tracts so late in the summer, but I was pleasantly surprised … a variety of birds were still sounding off, the insect choruses were splendid, and I snagged some coyote as well. As you might remember, I shared some of these recordings in a previous blog post, entitled Journey Highlights #2 – Tallgrass Prairie.

NEWS FLASH: I am planning a BIG TRIP next season, possibly beginning in early March. I’ll head to the Southwest, in a roundabout way, then on to the high desert and the Northwest. My plan is to share my journey by blogging, face-booking, and, most importantly by podcasting … the latter allowing me to tell the story of my adventures using my own voice. What could be more personal than that?

I’m hoping to find sponsors for my journey because I’ll be on the road for 5-6 months altogether, at considerable expense. I may set up a Patreon page, and possibly initiate a Kickstarter campaign (even though the latter is a bit of pain to pull off). No matter, though, because I intend to complete the journey even if I have to pay for it all myself.

Let me know what you think of my August Prairiesong podcast. It sure was fun to create, to remember my actual experience and bring it to you in podcast form.

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