Taberville Prairie - 1400px by Lang Elliott August Prairiesong – a podcast prototype sharing my early August visit to Taberville Prairie Conservation Area and Prairie State Park, both located in southwestern Missouri. © Lang Elliott.

I am thrilled to finish my latest podcast prototype. I think I’m definitely homing-in on a good style of delivery, especially when sharing actual adventures in the field.

August Prairiesong is a true-to-life recounting of my early August visit to Taberville Prairie Conservation Area and Prairie State Park, both being tallgrass prairie preserves located in southwestern Missouri. I wasn’t sure what I’d find happening in these prairie tracts so late in the summer, but I was pleasantly surprised … a variety of birds were still sounding off, the insect choruses were splendid, and I snagged some coyote as well. As you might remember, I shared some of these recordings in a previous blog post, entitled Journey Highlights #2 – Tallgrass Prairie.

Species Featured in this Podcast:

    Henslow’s Sparrow
    Northern Bobwhite
    Scissor-Grinder Cicadas
    Cope’s Gray Treefrog
    Northern Mole Cricket
    Great-Horned Owl
    Summer Tanager
    Indigo Bunting
    + various other species heard in the backgrounds

Let me know what you think of my August Prairiesong podcast. It sure was fun to create, to remember my actual experience and bring it to you in podcast form.

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