Forest Canopy Dawn chorus by small brook in deep forest. 17 June 2010, Shindagin Hollow near Ithaca, NY © Lang Elliott. Note: This is a 3D binaural soundscape recording; please listen using headphones.

It is early summer … imagine that you are sitting next to a small, trickling brook in deep forest, celebrating the dawning of the day. Over the next ten minutes, various songbirds chime in. First, you hear the hoarse phrases of a Scarlet Tanager as it awakens to the new day. Minutes later, a Wood Thrush dominates the scene with its musical songs. Next, a Veery chimes in with calls and then hollow flutey rambles. Then a Blue Jay take the center stage with its raucous calls. And finally, a Dark-eyed Junco joins the chorus, adding its ringing trills to the orchestra. A gentle and uncluttered chorus, for sure, and one that might very well qualify as supremely “tranquil,” worthy of inclusion in a soundscape title devoted that theme.

Well … what does everyone think? Should this soundscape make the cut? When played at a lowish volume, it certainly sounds tranquil to me. And what about the trickling brook … does it add or detract? I hope it adds for most listeners, because there is no way for me to remove it.

NOTE: Listening carefully, I think I hear several Hermit Thrush songs toward the end of the recording. Also toward the end, listen for the songs of Common Yellowthroat and Ovenbird. Are there any other species I’ve missed?

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