Forest Scene Dawn Chorus featuring two Wood Thrushes counter-singing. 27 April 1995, Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky. © Lang Elliott.

As many of you know, I’m working on a new soundscape title that will feature tranquil bird song recordings. I think I will call it “Gentle Bird Songs” and it’s important to me that all the tracks have a calming and meditative influence on the mind.

In searching through my collection, I uncovered this pleasing dawn chorus that I recorded at Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky, way back in 1995. It is a fairly busy chorus that features two Wood Thrushes singing back-and-forth. In the background, one can hear a Whip-poor-will, along with a din of bird song (a Cardinal being fairly prominent). Filling-in the low end are distant Barred Owls (near the beginning) and then a lone Mourning Dove (toward the end). Fortunately, no birds were close to my microphone, so none jar the ears.

This recording certainly qualifies as being “very nice sounding.” But is it nice enough?

Notably, when I made the recording I noticed a loud low-freqency rumble, I think from a large boat on a nearby lake. Luckily, I was able to eliminate it completely without any negative effects. The rumble was at the very bottom-end, below 100 Hz, where no bird sounds occurred. So all I had to do was lower the volume of that frequency band until the rumble disappeared. Just for fun, here are my audio notes, made as I ended the recording:

MY CONCLUSION: If played softly, I find this recording tranquil and meditative. It is similar to many dawn choruses in this respect. Played too loudly, the “busy-ness” can be overwhelming. But when played at a low volume level, similar to what a person would actually hear in nature, the orchestra becomes music to the ears.

WHAT IS YOUR CONCLUSION? I need your opinions. Is this a keeper for my “Gentle Bird Songs” production? Or should I toss it out?

My challenge is to come up with at least an hour of qualifying recordings. Right now I have about 35-minutes that meet my criteria. So I still have a ways to go. It’s likely I’ll have to hold off publication of “Gentle Bird Songs” until early summer, after I’ve gathered new material during this spring’s unfolding.

Let me know what you think about this recording!

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