northern forest habitat photo by Lang Elliott “The Hermit Thrush” – a Music of Nature podcast prototype by Lang Elliott, featuring recordings made through the years, mostly near my home in upstate New York and also in the Adirondack Mountains.

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Hallelujah! Another podcast prototype completed! This one features the Hermit Thrush, and is an example of how I might handle species portraits of birds … covering both songs and calls. I’m pretty happy with the result.

The Hermit Thrush is considered one of North America’s finest singers. To my ear, only the Swainson’s Thrush comes close to the Hermit if rated on musical quality and emotional impact. Poets and naturalists through the ages have praised the Hermit’s voice. John Burroughs thought it an expression of “serene religious beautitude” that embodies “a peace and solemn joy that only the finest souls may know.” Walt Whitman gave human voice to the song: “O liquid free and tender … O wild and loose my soul … O wondrous singer.” I concur. Only a “hermit” would inhabit such remote places, spinning exalted songs and choosing “thus to fling its soul upon the growing gloom,” as poet Thomas Harding once mused.

Let me know if you enjoy my podcast and what changes you think might improve it.

Recording Credits: All songs and calls were recorded by yours truly and my partner-recordist Ted Mack, with the exception of the nocturnal flight calls given by a migrating group, which were graciously provided by nocturnal flight call expert Bill Evans of

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