Shindagin Hollow Meditation Spot Stream and bird sounds – A Sunday Morning Sermon in the Cathedral of Nature. 7am, 15 May 2016. Shindagin Hollow near Brooktondale, New York. © Lang Elliott. this is a 3D binaural recording; please wear headphones!

This morning I slept in, having gone to a rather loud concert last night with friends. Everyone had a great time, but I became concerned about my hearing and left early. Needing the sleep, I didn’t rise at my usual 4am but instead pulled myself out of bed at 6am, rushing off to Shindagin Hollow to see if I could catch at least the tail end of the Sunday Morning Sermon in the Cathedral of Nature.

I sat near a stream in a favorite spot and breathed easy for awhile, placing my soundscape microphone nearby just for good measure. The bird sounds were thin overall. An ovenbird sang off to one side and I could hear the high calls and occasional songs of a Brown Creeper. It was really quite mellow until a Pileated Woodpecker suddenly gave a laugh-like outburst of notes. About ten minutes later there was another unexpected sound event: a Red-shouldered Hawk landed on a tree not far downstream and gave a series of raucous calls.

Checking out the soundscape in my studio, I am surprised at how relaxing it is, even with the woodpecker and hawk interludes, so I’ve decided to post it so that you guys can catch a bit of nature’s sermon yourselves. I hope you enjoy it. Please chime-in below if you’re moved to speak!

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Note: while I was in the hollow, I also chatted to myself, about various things. My voice is slowly improving, so I’ve decided to post my chat here, for those warped souls who might be interested in listening to me babble along with the brook:

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