Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge, by Lang Elliott.Lacassine Pool Podcast – the first audio postcard from my 2017 Nature Soundscape Recording Expedition. Featuring recordings I made in the coastal marshes of south-western Louisiana from February 27-March 1. © Lang Elliott.

AT LONG LAST, I hereby publish the first podcast of my journey, “Lacassine Pool”, highlighting a variety of recordings that I just made in the coastal marshes of Louisiana, in an around three National Wildlife Refuges (Sabine, Cameron Prairie, and Lacassine). Featured species include: Red-winged Blackird, Loggerhead Shrike, King Rail, Nutria, Least Bittern, Northern Cardinal, Midges, Northern Cricket Frog, Boat-tailed Grackle, and Common Moorhen!

Altogether, I spent almost three days exploring the marshes, both day and night. Most days it was super-windy … not at all optimal for recording pristine soundscapes. Nonetheless, by being persistent and doing the best I could under the circumstances, I managed to get a diverse collection of fairly decent recordings, especially during one somewhat calm and foggy morning at Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge … more than enough to create an informative “audio postcard” that shares the excitement of my journey.

Below is my best immersive multi-species soundscape, which I recorded during a calm period at a small pond at the beginning of the Loop Drive at Lacassine Pool. Reminds me of the height of spring in upstate New York!

Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge, small pool at beginning of loop drive. By Lang Elliott.Dawn chorus at small pool at beginning of the Loop Drive at Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge. Recorded around 6:30am, 27 February, 2017. © Lang Elliott.

A big challenge was finding time to put the podcast together. I ended up producing it over a period of four days, while traveling to the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas with my friend and fellow recordist Beth Bannister (I picked Beth up in San Antonio, where she was visiting her uncle).

So … here I am on March 5 at a MacDonald’s in Roma, Texas, not far from the Rio Grande. I’m hooked up to the internet via their WiFi, enjoying an ice coffee as I upload content.

Please listen to my podcast and let me know what you think of it! Constructive criticism allowed; destructive criticism tolerated; unbridled praise gratefully accepted!

Coming Soon — highlights from our brief visit to the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

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