I just received a new toy … a fairly high-end camcorder that shoots in ultra high definition (4K) and is loaded with bells-and-whistles that will help me get more powerful cinematic footage. Just for fun, I hauled it out to our frog pond last night and looked for some test subjects.

Spring Peepers were all around, but they weren’t very cooperative. I snatched one portrait, but none allowed me to videotape them singing. I found several American Toads hopping about on the ground around the pond and was pleased to discover more swimming about in the shallows. They aren’t singing yet, but I decided to videotape a few nonetheless. In one instance, I placed my light behind a toad and off to one side, for a “nightsy” look. I rather like the effect!

The last scene of a young Bullfrog (or is that a Green Frog?) also delights me. A large gust of wind had just passed through, setting into motion quite a lot of wave action in the pond. So I videotaped him bouncing about in the waves, seemingly happy to be there, mostly submerged in his wat’ry home!

Amphibian-wise, there’s not much else going on right now in my area. I checked a number of ponds and pools last night. The peepers were going strong everywhere, but other than several cackles from a few late Wood Frogs, there wasn’t anything else sounding off. I did see a number of Spotted Salamanders still in the water. They’ve finished breeding, and are no doubt waiting for a wet-and-warmish night to migrate out of their pools.

I await the mating frenzies of the toads. It’s supposed to get colder over the next few days, so I doubt they will be doing much (other than hanging out) for another two or three weeks. Then all hell will break loose and I’ll be up-to-my-neck in toadly pursuits!

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