forest fog with pool - shutterstock_63733147 Forest Drizzle – Binaural Soundscape Meditation Podcast (please listen using headphones or earbuds). Narrated by Lang Elliott. Soundscape recorded 15 May 2016 in Finger Lakes National Forest near Trumansburg, New York. © Lang Elliott.

Hi all! I have finally made the decision to re-boot my podcast and I’m considering my options. The long podcasts that I published near the beginning of my western trip last spring took way too long to produce … several days at the least. Given that I’m not being paid to create podcasts, I’m trying to figure out if there’s an easier way.

Lang portrait by Andrew SkeochIn this post, I’m presenting one possible approach to podcasting that would save me time, and that is to focus on binaural soundscapes, providing brief narrated introductions followed by at least several minutes of “pure nature”. If I take this approach, it will become far easier for me to generate new podcasts … at a rate of one or more per week without interfering with other work I have to do

This approach might be met with acceptance. Do any of you old-timers remember Robert Lurtsema’s popular Pro Musica radio program produced at Boston’s WGBH radio station? He started off each weekly program with about 5-minutes of pure nature sounds without narration. People loved it, even though he played the same recording every time. So maybe there’s hope?

In addition, I’m not at all convinced that long, complicated podcasts would be any more popular. In fact, “short and sweet” might be more palatable for the average listener. One question, though, is whether or not podcast listeners will don headphones (or earbuds) to experience the amazing 3D effect of binaural soundscapes. If listened-to using small speakers (such as those that come built into computers, or even speakers in cars), many of my most immersive soundscapes will be unimpressive. But if one listens through headphones, they truly come alive and one is effortlessly transported out into the dimensional natural world.

Note that my podcasts will not take the place of my normal blog posts where I’ll feature recordings without narration, along with descriptive text. The podcast world is audio-only, and podcasts are generally accessed using special aggregator software such iTunes, Stitcher or GooglePlay. My podcasts might also be featured on broadcast radio … so words must always be spoken, not typed (a podcast with no spoken words would be a flop because folks would have no idea of what the context is and therefore would be confused about what they’re hearing).

Let me know what you think of this strategy. If I produce a lot of these, will they be appreciated and will they be effective in drawing people into the magic of it all? I hope this approach works because it dovetails with other projects I’m working on, such as the creation of a mobile App that will feature my most immersive and healing binaural soundscapes … with the intention of helping people relax and chill-out, even if working in noisy environments.

Is the future bright for spacious binaural soundscapes presented as part of podcasts? I sure hope so, because I have worked hard and traveled widely for years in order to assemble an impressive collection of really, really wonderful environmental recordings.

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