beaver pond in Shindagin Hollow, at dusk © Lang ElliottInsects, Drip, Owls and Peepers. Recorded 11pm, 25 September 2017 in Shindagin Hollow near Brooktondale, New York. © Lang Elliott.

Tomorrow, I’m off to the Catskills to attend a workshop with David Abram, author of the splendid book “Spell of the Sensuous.” Should be fun. But to keep y’all happy while I’m gone, I’ve decided to post a new immersive binaural (3D) soundscape … I’m calling it “Crickets, Drip, Owls and Peepers” and I recorded it on the 25th of September 2017 in nearby Shindagin Hollow. How fortunate I am to have captured this wonderful recording!

As always for binaural soundscapes, I urge you to listen using headphones. That way you’ll really get a sense of being there.

I set my soundscape microphone at the edge of a beaver pond. It had rained the previous afternoon so there is a lot of drip from trees overhead. Tree crickets trill continuously and spring peepers sound off periodically from shrubs. A distant Barred Owl hoots and is soon joined by another. Then the owls move closer, and, after a few minutes, come together and celebrate their reunion by “hooting-it-up” … they actually do this twice about halfway through the recording.

Please let me know what you think of this recording. I especially want to hear from all of you headphone listeners … do you sense the magic in this soundscape?

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