Bobolink Meadow by Lang Elliott A podcast celebrating a meadow soundscape that features the songs of Bobolinks and other meadow birds. Recorded around 8:00am, 11 May 2009, in the Finger Lakes National Forest near Trumansburg, New York. © Lang Elliott.

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Bobolink male - by Lang Elliott

I am always thrilled when the Bobolinks arrive in early May, having flown nearly 6000 miles from as far south as Argentina. Back in 2009, I got a splendid soundscape shortly after their return, when the males were setting up their territories, chasing one another about, and actively searching for females. This soundscape is the subject of my newest podcast prototype … Bobolink Meadow … which is a celebration of the soundscape itself.

I’m still trying to hone my skills with podcasting, looking for the “magic formula” that will allow me to generate lots of them, have them well-received in the podcasting world, and not be too difficult to construct. The method I employed for this podcast was fairly easy for me to implement. Only one soundscape recording is featured, and my job as a narrator was to describe the season, the habitat, and the primary sound-makers … so as to give the listener enough information to generate a clear sense of the place and cirumstance.

Here is the ambient recording without narration, so that you can enjoy looping it for a pure nature listening experience:

Bobolink Meadow. Recorded around 8:00am, 11 May 2009, in the Finger Lakes National Forest near Trumansburg, New York. © Lang Elliott.

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