I was just looking through some old work and came across my bird song ditties … a project that is at least six years old. I created these for kids and three are featured below. I have another seven poems more-or-less finished and they are also included.

My plan is to create engaging animations for each, where the words light up as I speak and the images change as well. Thus, the ditties would help kids learn to read as well as teach them bird songs (click here to view an old attempt at an animation). Well … whatya think?

Robin Ditty Image

Chickadee Ditty image

Nuthatch Ditty image

Correction: Someone pointed out that the nuthatch’s beak is actually quite substantial, so I’ve changed the first verse to read:

I’m a stubby little bird
my tail as short as my beak …

Some other completed poems:

Blue Jay

Jay-jay, jay-jay, I do exclaim!
And that is how I got my name.

But other sounds delight me more …
rattles, squeaks, and toots galore!

I’m the Blue Jay

Northern Cardinal

I wear a brightly colored gown.
My song’s a whistled treat.

I SHOUT with color and with sound …
merrily, wheet-wheet-wheet!

I’m the Northern Cardinal


My feathery coat is black and white,
my call a simple pink!

My song is from another world …

I’m the Bobolink

Northern Flicker

I’m an ant-licker, and when I bicker,
I go wicker-wicker-wicker!

But when you see me in a tree …
I laugh out loud: hee-hee-hee-hee

I’m the Northern Flicker

Mallard Duck

On ponds and lakes you watch me swim,
fly up and around and back again.

In groups I chatter, cackle and quack,
my laughable voice a part of the pack.

I’m the Mallard Duck

American Goldfinch

A chippery chattery song I sing …
my call a bright soo-wee!

I also whistle on the wing …
A cheery per-teety-tee-tee!

I’m the American Goldfinch


With rings around my neck and breast,
I sputter and squeak, for all to hear …

Then fly so high above my nest,
and cry my name kill-deer, kill-deer.

I’m the Killdeer


NOTE: All poems © Lang Elliott, Music of Nature

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