photo of Hematite Lake at DuskHematite Lake at Dusk. Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky. © Lang Elliott.

Autumn Trek – A binaural podcast celebrating my brief trip to Land Between the Lakes KY in mid-October. Please wear headphones!

Land Between the Lakes (see map below) is one of my favorite nature recording destinations. I’ve visited many times over the last 25 years and I’m always amazed by the richness of the soundscapes.

In mid-October of 2019, I traveled to western Kentucky to see and hear what happens there in the autumn. I wasn’t expecting much, aside from insect choruses and occasional bird sounds. So you can imagine my surprise as an abundance of sounds came flowing my way, one after the other, from an impressive variety of birds, insects, frogs and mammals.

In my Autumn Trek podcast, I share my listening adventures during the first portion of my visit, from my arrival late one afternoon until the wee hours of the following morning. While my second day was also full of wonderful sound experiences, especially a relaxing late evening thunderstorm, I decided not to expand my podcast to include that material, for fear there would simply be too many recordings for the average listener to digest (don’t worry … I plan to share the thunderstorm and another long ambient soundscape in another post, hopefully sometime soon).

Note: The recordings featured in this post are “3D binaural soundscapes”. Please wear headphones for a profound listening experience that will make you think you’re actually out there, immersed in the natural world!

For those whole would like to hear recordings without narration, here are my favorites:

Full moon at Land Between the Lakes © Lang Elliott
FYI: Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area is located in southwestern Kentucky, and also extends southward into northwestern Tennessee. While most of the area is forested, there are many open areas (mostly overgrown clearings or cultivated fields) and a sprinkling of small lakes and associated wetlands. As you might guess, it is the wetlands that I naturally gravitate toward! Go Here for more information.

Land Between The Lakes

photo of marshy area in Land Between the Lakes
As always, I truly appreciate your feedback, so please leave a comment below. I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed the show!

Naturally Yours,

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