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Wood Frog Cacklefest

Last night was a great night for Wood Frogs, here in upstate New York. The temperature reached nearly 60F during the day and a thunderstorm passed through in the evening. After dark, I drove to one of my favorite locations and hiked through the forest to a small woodland pool …


Robin Awakening

I am so excited! I just discovered another jewel … a recording of an American Robin awakening at dawn next to a small mountain brook. It only lasts five minutes, but it is so incredibly pleasing to my ear. Please don’t play it too loudly … it is made of fine silk and should be handled with care!


Goal-Oriented Nature Immersion?

This morning, I got up at dawn and went out with my video gear in hopes of getting some nice footage. It was a frustrating session. When it comes to nature immersion, is it really a good thing for me to be driven primarily by my goals, and by the technology I am using to capture images and sounds? The following essay addresses this concern …


Crested Redbird

I enjoy making up my own names for birds, especially when I’m not happy with the accepted common name. A case in point is the Northern Cardinal, one of our most common backyard birds here in the East. What have I decided to call it, and why? Read this post to find out!


Trickling Brooksong

It is early summer … I am sitting next to a small, trickling brook in deep forest, celebrating the dawning of the day. Various songbirds soon chime in, including Scarlet Tanager, Wood Thrush, Veery, Blue Jay, and Dark-eyed Junco. What a tranquil and healing combination of natural sounds …


Birds Thinking Spring

I rise at dawn on this fine winter morning and excitedly venture out in my yard to record bird sounds. It is chilly, 24F, with snow patches clinging to the ground. Our pond is frozen over, reflecting the rising sun. Though winter still has a firm hold, there is a surprising variety of bird sounds …

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