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Dawn Chorus at Lacassine Pool: 29.650465, -92.672424
Pauraques and Screech-Owls at Dusk: 26.178702, -98.385744
Barking Frogs of Lost Maples: 29.817152, -99.570744
Chachalaca Cacophonaca: 26.510826, -99.112730
Lost Maples Morning Soundscape: 29.822886, -99.569778
Canyon Wren and Bee Buzz: 29.279381, -103.325429
Western Screech-Owl and Landslide: 29.165803, -103.608992
Elf Owl Chatterings: 29.133945, -103.522153
Please Feed Me!: 29.815681, -99.572209
Portal Arizona: 31.913890, -109.140884
Las Cienegas National Conservation Area: 31.786955, -110.639080
Pena Blanca Lake: 31.404149, -111.086258
Rucker Canyon: 31.775663, -109.312827
Taylor Lake: 33.031990, -114.636474
Cochise Stronghold: 31.922014, -109.967080


During the winter of 2017/2018, I will tap my archive and being posting recordings from throughout North America, with emphasis on the “Lower 48” and adjacent Canada. By spring of 2018, my map will feature several hundred recordings, providing users with a great way to enjoy high-quality, immersive nature soundscapes from a huge variety of regions and habitats.

If the map proves to be a success, I will make it a non-profit effort and bring other soundscape recordists on board in order to expand coverage.


  1. Andy Martin

    Oh wonderful, Lang! I’ve been slowly trying to work on a soundmap of the Pacific Northwest myself, but time and work have been my enemies and it’s slowed to a crawl. I’m glad to see you making it work! I’m eager see sounds and locations together as you fill this out.

  2. Jennifer Lin

    This is so cool! Thanks for doing this.

  3. Taylor

    Do you teach your technique? I would love to do this.

  4. MJean Brown

    This is awesome. I’ve done something similar, but for bird sightings on my organization’s website. It is a LOT of work. Hats off to you Lang. I do love this map idea.

  5. Kenny Frisch

    I have enjoyed your work for a long time. I hope that you will be able to pass through Utah on your Western US trip and enjoy some of the amazing soundscapes we have out here. Best of luck on the trip.

  6. Suzanne

    I think the map is a great idea. I had no problems with it. How fun to be able to see where you made these recordings on a map. I’m always very busy, but I’m going to schedule myself out routinely for a little digital vacation to track your travels.

    • Lang Elliott

      Glad you like it Suzanne. I am very excited about kicking it into action in late Feb or early March as I create a “path of discovery” for all to see and hear. I just hope I can find enough high speed wireless internet to do regular posting.


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