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Welcome Friends!

My name is Lang Elliott and I am a nature recordist, cinematographer, photographer, writer and speaker.

Join me as I celebrate the wonder and beauty of nature by sharing recordings, photos and videos of our native birds, frogs, insects, mammals … and more!

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Pure Nature – 3D Soundscapes

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Pure Nature Sounds

Please visit my Soundscape Store for a wide selection of binaural pure nature soundscape recordings for relaxation and personal enjoyment. Available as high bitrate MP3 downloads.

My Podcast Series

Please subscribe to my Music of Nature Podcast Series and join me as I travel to wild areas and celebrate the voices of the natural world. Featuring fully-immersive binaural sound!

My Blog

Please check out my Blog, a labor of love in which I feature nature recordings, podcasts, video clips and more. Sign up above and you’ll be notified each time I publish new content!

Video Library

I cordially invite you to visit my Video Library, where you will enjoy cinematic, high-definition videos celebrating our native birds, frogs, insects, and more … you are certain to be delighted!

License Media

If you are in need of high quality nature recordings or videos for use in exhibits, projects or products, please inquire via Licensing Media. I provide exceptional quality media at fair prices!

Speaking & Presenting

Armed with superb high definition cinematic videos and accompanying sound recordings, my Nature Presentations are both engaging and unique. Contact me to discuss your needs.

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