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Sucker Run

Today I got my best underwater video footage of spawning male White Suckers, gathered at the base of a waterfall at the edge of town, excitedly awaiting the arrival of receptive females.

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Ruby-crowned Kinglet – Avian Jewel

The Ruby-crowned Kinglet … a tiny avian jewel with a scarlet patch on its crown … is one of my favorite birds, primarily because of it’s sprightly cheerful song, a series of very high notes followed by a rambling jumble and ending with a silly-sounding chant …

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Pickerel Frogs – Hydrophone Surprise

Tonight I used my hydrophones to record underwater sounds of Spring Peepers in our backyard pond. To my complete surprise, there was quite a bit more going on than just the peeping of the peepers. which is all I could hear above water. There were loud snoring sounds, and a variety of chucking and stuttering calls. Oh my gosh … the underwater calls of Pickerel Frogs!

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Raven Talk

This morning, at the break of dawn, I recorded the croaks and yelps of a family of Common Ravens, nesting in a dense spruce stand at the edge of my yard …

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Downy Woodpecker Drumming Tree

It’s mid-April and the woodpeckers are drumming like crazy. This morning, I headed to a nearby natural area at dawn and soon captured a nice video of a Downy Woodpecker, drumming from near the top of a dead snag …

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Wilson’s Snipe – Shoreline Bobber

On a cold, snowy March morning, I videotaped a Wilson’s Snipe feeding along the edge of a small farm pond. I was mesmerized by his bobbing motion, as he poked his long bill into the mud in search of food …

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