A Message to First-Time Commenters

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Hi there and thank you for commenting on my blog. Engagement means everything to me, so I hope you continue to chime-in when the topic is of interest.

But I have a favor to ask … please add your photo!

You’ve probably noticed that many comments include small photos of the person doing the commenting. These are called “avatars” and help make the experience more socially rich by allowing folks to see one another, just like on Facebook. If you are missing an avatar, then please do me the favor of adding one.

Here’s how:

Go to Gravatar.com, open a free account (using the same email address that you are using to leave comments), and then upload a photo of yourself (be sure to crop tightly, so that others can actually see what you look like in the small thumbnail image). Once you do that, your pic will automatically show up when you leave a post. It’s as easy as that!

Note that if you don’t want to feature a photo of your beautiful self, you can use a pic of something else or even someone else … your chosen “avatar” for online recognition.

For your information: Gravatar.com was created as a central repository of avatars, linking them to specific email addresses. When you post on my blog, my blogging platform (WordPress) automatically communicates with Gravatar and retrieves a pic, if it finds one there. 

Thank you!

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