After the Storm

Pure Nature 3D Audio by Lang Elliott

Receding thunderstorm at Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge in southern Arkansas

What follows is an 8-minute binaural nature soundscape recording that will transport you into wild nature. Please use headphones to experience a supremely spacious and immersive 3D effect.

Recorded by Lang Elliott on August 6, 2016 at 9pm. Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge near Moro Bay, Arkansas.


It is late summer. We have just arrived at Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge in southern Arkansas, a land of swamps and forest. At dusk, a thunderstorm passes by in the distance. The storm recedes, darkness prevails, and a light rain begins to fall.

We walk into a pine stand and sit quietly on a moss-covered log. Raindrops hit shrub leaves and plop softly upon the spongy bed of needles below. Crickets trill, their gentle songs are soothing to our ears. We close our eyes and allow the sounds to flow around and into us. So calm and peaceful, here in the pine woods, after the storm.

This binaural soundscape is featured in Pure Nature 3D Audio, a free application for Apple mobile devices created by Lang Elliott.

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