Music of Nature Sanctuary

Please enjoy this library of immersive nature recordings. Browse the tracks and take a few minutes of your time to listen (we recommend using headphones or earbuds). Close your eyes and imagine actually being there, mesmerized by the sights and sounds around you. Bathe yourself in nature’s healing music and experience relief from the cares and worries of your day.

Smoky Mountains Scene for recording Thrush Hollow (sample from Birds and Brooks CD) – During a trip to the Smoky Mountains, I stopped along a mountain highway at the break of dawn and hurried down a steep ravine to capture this gentle and relaxing dawn chorus. At first it features two Wood Thrushes singing back-and-forth from opposite sides of a creek. As the dawn chorus unfolds, a Scarlet Tanager joins in and other distant bird songs can be heard. 5:45am, 18 May 2000. Foothills Parkway north of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. © Lang Elliott.

Moonscape for Owl Visitation - Audio SanctuaryOwl Visitation (sample from Insect Lullabies CD) – Recorded on a cool September night in a meadow overgrown with shrubs, next to forest. Snowy Tree Crickets chirp at a slow but steady rate. Slightly higher in pitch, one hears the continuous trilling of other tree crickets from the nearby forest. At the very high end, Sword-bearing Coneheads (a kind of katydid) give their sibilant ts-ts-ts-ts-ts-ts-ts-ts … But the real surprise is the hooting of a two Barred Owls, their calls echoing across the meadow. 10 September 2010. Connecticut Hill Wildlife Management Area, near Ithaca, New York. © Lang Elliott.

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