A Guide to Night Sounds

The Dusk Singers

The Dusk Singers:

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Hermit Thrush drawing by Cindy Page

Scroll down to reveal field recordings arranged by species, along with descriptions and other supportive media . But if you’d rather just relax and listen with your eyes closed, my narrated introduction to the Dusk Singers might be just what you desire:

The following dusk singers are featured here … hit links to automatically scroll to a particular species:

Thrushes: American RobinWood ThrushHermit ThrushSwainson’s ThrushVeeryVaried Thrush

Flycatchers: Eastern Wood-PeweeAcadian Flycatcher

Shorebirds: American WoodcockWilson’s Snipe

Note: Species title bars expand to reveal more information and media … just tap the bar or the “+” icon.

American Robin
Text goes here. Include relevant species info and song description. This may also be a good place to include a photo, so that conventional daytime photos don’t wreck the overall “nightsy” design.

American Robin © Marie Read

American Robin – 10 May 2019 - Adirondack Mountains near Paul Smiths, New York.

It is dusk at the edge of a marsh. A robin sings its leisurely, resonant twilight song from a thick patch of forest. A large chorus of spring peepers dominates the background and one hears the occasional songs of a Song Sparrow and intermittent soft chuckles of a Wood Frog.

Note: Please use headphones for an immersive listening experience.


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