Photo © Lang Elliott

Voiced introduction by Lang Elliott, followed by 8-minutes of pure nature sounds. Please wear headphones for an immersive 3D effect.


In late summer, I explore an oxbow lake near the Ouachita river in southern Arkansas, a land of murky swamps and thick forest.

At dusk, a thunderstorm passes by in the distance. The storm recedes, darkness prevails, and a light rain begins to fall.

I walk gently into the pine woods and sit quietly on a moss-covered log.

Raindrops hit shrub leaves and plop softly upon the spongy bed of needles at my feet. Crickets trill … their delicate songs soothe my ears.

I close my eyes and allow the sounds to flow around and into me. So calm and peaceful, here in the pine woods, after the storm.

Note: The recording featured here is a “3D binaural soundscape”. Please wear headphones for a profound listening experience that will make you think you’re actually out there, immersed in the natural world!

I captured this relaxing soundscape on August 6, 2016 at 9pm, in Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge near Moro Bay, Arkansas. Go here for more information about the refuge.

Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge

Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge

A Message From Lang:

I firmly believe that my soundscape recordings are poetic in essence … nature expressing her poetry, her music, through sound (not intentionally, I surmise, but as a result of the evolution of the earth and its lifeforms).

Although I consider my recordings to be works of art in their own right, for the sake of sharing I’ve added my own verse to help convey the essence of my personal listening experience, how it felt to actually be out there, in wild nature, surrounded by nature’s music. As you may have noticed, I’ve taken care to keep my introductions brief, so that you have plenty of time to enjoy nature’s myriad voices, and benefit from their effects. I hope you appreciate the mix.

If you enjoyed listening to this soundscape immersion, please leave a comment below.

Naturally Yours,
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