Bird Song Ditties (for kiddies)

I was just looking through some old work and came across my bird song ditties … a project that is at least six years old. I created these for kids and three are featured below. I have another seven poems more-or-less finished and they are also included. My plan is to create engaging animations for each, where the words light up as I speak and the images change as well. Thus, the ditties would help kids learn to read as well as teach them bird songs.

Hermit Thrush at Dusk

Adirondack Spruce Bog

Wrap your ears around this splendid recording: a lone hermit thrush, calling and singing at dusk against a backdrop of spring peepers. I made this recording in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. It was near dark in pine woods, with ponds and marshes in all directions. Countless distant peepers filled the air with a continuous blanket of sound, a soothing backdrop for the thrush’s exalted performance. How exciting to witness this awe-inspiring transition from dusk into the darkened night …

To Be A Child Again

What does it truly mean, as an adult, “to be a child again”? From my perspective, it is to touch upon an innocent frame of mind, an emotional state that is at once light-hearted, fun, and receptive to the beauty, the miracle around us. To lose that, as many adults do, seems sad and unnecessary. I personally strive to keep that flame alive within me, to experience it whenever I can, for without it I would not be able to survive in good health and spirits.

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