Owl Reverberations

Moon Scene

Everyone loves owls. On the night of May 20 with the moon nearly full, I drove to a nearby wildlife refuge in search of Gray Treefrogs. The frogs weren’t calling, but at one stop I was treated to an amazing performance by what I presumed to be a “family” of Barred Owls. How lucky can you get? …

Gentle Peepers & Wood Thrush

Ladyslipper Pond

Last night I slept under the stars in the forest next to Ladyslipper Pond. At dawn I recorded the calls of Spring Peepers set against the gentle gurgling of water. And then I went into the forest and recorded a Wood Thrush, singing as an intermittent breeze excited the forest canopy. I am so grateful that I spent the night under the stars and returned home with these pleasant soundscapes, living mementos of my sojourn in the woods …


cows in meadow

During the third week of May, farmers release their cows into the meadows at Finger Lakes National Forest. As you might suspect, their appearance can have a drastic effect on the natural soundscape. This morning provided a case in point. I arrived at Willow Pond at first light, with the intention of wandering the edge of marsh and meadow in search of an interesting mix of sound. I was expecting to hear some moos from the cows, but not a massive group performance lasting nearly ten minutes …

Abundant Life


Nature’s gift of the day: an avian celebration featuring a dozen or more species, recorded in hardwood forest in upstate New York. I’ve christened it Abundant Life due to its rich variety of bird sounds. Close your eyes and listen. How many species can you identify?

Morning Meditation 5-20-16

Shindagin Hollow habitat

Last night I camped out in Shindagin Hollow. I laid my super-comfy sleeping mat directly on the ground next to a small pond created by beaver. Rising promptly at 4:30am, I engaged my soundscape microphone and then captured a relaxing chorus of bird songs set against the gentle gurgle of water pouring over an old beaver dam …

Veery Singing in the Rain

Cranberry Glades © Thomas R. Fletcher

Having posted an intimate recording of a Veery about a week ago (Very Veery), I found myself thinking about all the other Veery recordings I’ve made through the years, and which one is my favorite. It took but an instant for me to arrive at a conclusion … a Veery singing in the rain at Cranberry Glades Botanical Area in the mountains of West Virginia.

Toads at Dawn

Toads at Dawn habitat

Cool weather over the last two weeks has put a damper on the breeding activities of American Toads. I’ve been hard-pressed to get a good recording of their trilling, or rather “dreaming” (see Thoreau quote below). But last week I finally had success when I came upon a small cluster of toads sounding off at the break of dawn against a pleasant backdrop of springtime bird songs …

Sunday Morning Sermon

Shindagin Hollow Meditation Spot

Enjoy this relaxing soundscape that I recorded this morning while meditating along a stream in Shindagin Hollow. What a wonderful sermon I beheld in the Cathedral of Nature not far from town …

Very Veery

Veery Habitat © Lang Elliott

Many mornings I am unable to even get a half-usable recording, but this morning I struck gold. You’re sure to enjoy this intimate recording of the spiraling flute-like song of a Veery …

Fountain of Bobolinks

Bobolink Habitat photo

On this beautiful spring day, I have just one thing to say … I am so incredibly fortunate to live in an area where I can enjoy the bubbling “song-fantasias” of Bobolinks, ecstatic voices from another world! They seem a gift from heaven, a unique jewel among our native birds. Enjoy this engaging recording of four males perched near one another, spouting songs like a fountain spraying water upwards and outwards, as if partaking in a festive reunion …

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