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Drumming of the Drums

Have you ever heard a drumming drum? Not the barrel kind of drum, but rather a drum of the fish variety, more particularly the Freshwater Drum ? Well, unless you’re one of the very few to have been up-to-your-neck in a “symphony of drums,” you’re sure to be amazed by this recording by firefly expert Lynn Faust, made in Beaver Creek near Knoxville, Tennessee.


Sucker Run

Today I got my best underwater video footage of spawning male White Suckers, gathered at the base of a waterfall at the edge of town, excitedly awaiting the arrival of receptive females.


Pure Nature –3D Soundscapes

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Featuring Supremely Spacious Binaural Soundscapes

If you love nature and own an iPhone or iPad, this app is made for you! Optimized for headphone listening, my 3D binaural soundscapes will transport you into wild nature, where the tonic of wildness will soothe your spirit and bring a relaxed sense of joy to your day.

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