Goal-Oriented Nature Immersion?

Geese on muskrat den - by lang Elliott

This morning, I got up at dawn and went out with my video gear in hopes of getting some nice footage. It was a frustrating session. I didn’t get anything outstanding, but I did geet some decent footage (see above video) and I most certainly had a number of vivid and pleasant experiences. This set me to thinking. When it comes to nature immersion, is it really a good thing for me to be driven primarily by my goals, and driven by the technology I am using to capture images and sounds? The following essay addresses this concern …

Nature Immersion

Starburst - featured image © Lang Elliott

We are born into a magical world of sensory delight, our beings naturally tuned to our surroundings. We are part of nature, our senses connecting us to the whole like an umbilical cord, allowing us to commune with and be nurtured by the source from which we have sprung …

To Be A Child Again

What does it truly mean, as an adult, “to be a child again”? From my perspective, it is to touch upon an innocent frame of mind, an emotional state that is at once light-hearted, fun, and receptive to the beauty, the miracle around us. To lose that, as many adults do, seems sad and unnecessary. I personally strive to keep that flame alive within me, to experience it whenever I can, for without it I would not be able to survive in good health and spirits.

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