On February 8, 2017, we retired BirdTunes from Apple’s App Store. While it continued to work with iOS 10 for over six months, it ceased to work correctly with Apple’s release of iOS 11 in September of 2017.

It was difficult for us to decide to stop selling BirdTunes, but our profits had fallen to the point that we no longer could justify supporting upgrades for new operating systems.

We thank those who have used BirdTunes and shared feedback with us, and wish you all the best for your future birding endeavors.

We hope it may be of some consolation that the same sound collection that was available in BirdTunes is also available in several other iOS apps. Of those apps, the one that is most similar to BirdTunes is Birdsongs USA & Canada. This app, like BirdTunes, focuses on bird sounds in particular, and is not a more general field guide app. It adds many species and tracks to the original BirdTunes sound collection, and also includes updated taxonomic information.

Other iOS apps that include the BirdTunes sound collection are the Sibley eGuide to the Birds of North America and the Audubon Bird Guide: North America. Both of these apps are field guides, so they provide more information about the included bird species than BirdTunes did (range maps and a larger number of photos, for example), but they do not provide as rapid access to the sounds.

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