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Hi Friends! My name is Lang Elliott and I am a professional nature recordist. Designed for headphone or earbud listening, Music of Nature 3D Audio features my finest, most immersive pure-nature soundscapes, which I’ve gathered over the last 25 years in remote wild areas throughout North America and beyond (detailed track descriptions include locations and relevant natural history information).

Made using a special microphone setup that captures three-dimensional sound-cues, my recordings will magically transport you into nature and will help relax your mind and refresh your spirit. The effect is effortless and instantaneous, soothing and regenerative. You will feel like you’re really out in nature. Immerse yourself now in nature’s healing music, a powerful antidote to the stresses and concerns of everyday life.

For more information about my work, please visit my Music of Nature website.

Naturally Yours,
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Why Listen Using Headphones?

My 3D “quasi-binaural” recording technique involves the use of a specialized dual-microphone setup that roughly simulates the human head, with two microphones placed at the position of the two ears and separated by a barrier. The result is a supremely spacious listening experience, but only if one’s right ear hears only the sound recorded by the right microphone and one’s left ear hears only the sound recorded by the left microphone. Headphones and earbuds accomplish this perfectly. In contrast, listening via stereo speaker setups results in considerable “crosstalk,” where both ears hear sounds coming from both speakers. Crosstalk deprives your ears of important spatial cues and results in an inferior listening experience. While speaker-listening may nonetheless be enjoyable and transportive, a much more realistic and immersive 3D experience will result if headphones are used.

For more information about my 3D recording technique and appropriate ways to listen (even when using speakers), please visit the Music of Nature 3D Audio iOS App support web page.

NOTE: If you intend to listen to my nature recordings in places with high ambient noise levels (offices, coffee shops, subways, airplanes and anywhere else that is inundated by the chatter of humans or the rumble, whirr and buzz of machinery), we highly recommend using modern “noise cancellation” headphones or earbuds. These technical marvels will greatly reduce ambient noise and allow for a wonderfully pristine listening experience in a variety of situations.


About the App:

Made with love by Inookta

If you experience technical problems or have related questions about the functioning of the app, contact us at:

To get in touch with Lang Elliott with regard to licensing sound recordings, giving presentations and the like, please use the contact form on his Music of Nature website.

For copyright information and personal use restriction statement, please visit the Music of Nature 3D Audio iOS App support web page.

Acknowledgments by Lang Elliott:

Special thanks to my partner Siobhan McClory for her unfailing support while I labored away on this app. Thanks also to Beth Bannister for accompanying me in the field, and to my recording partners Ted Mack, Bob McGuire and Wil Hershberger, who have helped me maintain my enthusiasm over the years. I also want to acknowledge nature recordist Gordon Hempton for planting within me the inspiration to gather truly immersive 3D nature recordings. Most of all, I offer my sincere thanks and deep gratitude to nature herself, for providing me with such an amazing assortment of soundscapes, each infused with lovely voices that enliven the natural world.

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