Atmospheric Surround
8 Tracks — 85 minutes total

Atmospheric Surround - album cover

Atmospheric Surround features eight superbly immersive tracks that will wrap you in a velvety whoosh. If your intention is to relax, this album is sure to be a favorite … natures soothing white noise, prepared especially for you!

You will enjoy the refreshing gurgle of streams, the sound of the wind and rain, the gush of a waterfall … many tracks being accompanied by subtle bird, frog and insect sounds. All have been chosen for their striking spaciousness as well as their ability to promote a calm state of mind.

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Track Excerpts:

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Toothwort Brook - track art for album: Atmospheric Surround

Toothwort Brook

Traveling down the Shenandoah Valley late one evening, we take a side-road into the mountains and soon find our way to a small campground next to a rushing brook. The forest floor is carpeted with white wildflowers … cut-leaved toothworts, we believe. At dusk, a pale moon rises and its soft light makes the flowers glow, as if they are luminescent. With toothworts dancing in our heads and water music falling like rain, we sleep soundly until first light.

The stream gurgles to each side of us. Tufted titmice, Carolina chickadees and a Louisiana waterthrush toss their songs into the mix. We lay awake, half dreaming. How wonderfully refreshing, this forest bath, gently falling upon our ears.

April 11, 2011 at 6:30am. Jefferson National Forest, near Roanoke, Virginia. Recorded by Lang Elliott.

Beaver Flow - track art for album: Atmospheric Surround

Beaver Flow

It is spring in the rolling hills near where we live. We spend the night deep in the forest, camping next to several flooded pools. Water flows over multiple beaver dams and spring peepers sound off, their birdlike calls softened by the cool air.

The soundscape wraps around us. We focus on the burble of the water, listening for subtle voices deep within. There … the distant hoots of an owl? Or did we only imagine them?

Nature speaks in many tongues. The water whispers in our ears.

May 7, 2018 at 1am. Shindagin Hollow, near Brooktondale, New York. Recorded by Lang Elliott.

Aravaipa Nightsong - track art for album: Atmospheric Surround

Aravaipa Nightsong

During an extended visit to Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness Area in southeastern Arizona, we spend many hours exploring the creek that sings and dances at every turn. One night, we camp in a grove of trees, on high ground next to a tall cliff.

We rise before dawn and walk down to the creek. Such an orchestra of sound … gurgles to the left, a rushing riffle to the right, and crickets purring softly in the background. A lone elf owl yips repeatedly and a yellow-breasted chat occasionally sounds off in the distance. At one point, we think we hear the rattles of a canyon treefrog.

How fortunate to be here, in this desert oasis, surrounded by the healing voices of the natural world.

May 1, 1994 at 4am. Turkey Creek tributary, Aravaipa Canyon, near Klondyke, Arizona. Recorded by Lang Elliott.

Owl Hollow - track art for album: Atmospheric Surround

Owl Hollow

Wherever we go, we are repeatedly drawn to rivers and brooks, ponds and marshes, knowing that we will not be disappointed. The sound of water alone is a tonic to our spirits, but the effect is even grander when animal musicians join in the chorus.

One night, we visit a forested ravine near where we live. As expected, the gurgling brook fills the hollow with expansive sound. That alone is sufficient to relax our minds, but then a welcome surprise … barred owls sounding off in the distance, their resonant hoots extending the soundscape far into the surrounding hills.

May 17, 2018 at 2am. Shindagin Hollow, near Brooktondale, New York. Recorded by Lang Elliott.

Midnight Breeze - track art for album: Atmospheric Surround

Midnight Breeze

The Chiricahua Mountains of southeastern Arizona are a magnet for birders and other nature enthusiasts. We camp along Cave Creek and at night drive into the high country, stopping at a picnic area where a breeze blows gently over a ridge. Surrounded by pines and shrubby thickets, we are taken by the soundscape.

What a marvelous combination of sounds! The soft blanket of wind. Crickets chirping. The burry songs of a Mexican whip-poor-will. An elf owl yipping in the distance. We especially love the musical toots of a western screech-owl. And what is that rustling in the leaves … a small mammal of some kind?

Such wonderful voices of the night … soft and soothing … pure delight.

May 3, 2017 at 2am. Chiricahua Mountains, near Portal, Arizona. Recorded by Lang Elliott.

Storm Toads

In mid-May, an afternoon thunderstorm approaches. We sit near a beaver pond, sheltered under a large hemlock tree. American toads trill softly from the far side of the pond. Birds sound off now and again, and an eastern chipmunk chips repeatedly from the hillside.

Within minutes, the storm arrives. In the middle of a brief downpour, a spring peeper pipes up, then falls quiet. A catbird mews. A red-winged blackbird sings. The rain tapers off and we relax for an extended period of time, enjoying the sound of the receding storm and the hypnotic trills of the toads.

No worries. No cares. No where else we want to be.

May 15, 2018 at 4pm. Shindagin Hollow, near Brooktondale, New York. Recorded by Lang Elliott.

Windy Forest - track art for album: Atmospheric Surround

Windy Forest

The music of nature surrounds us. We need not travel far to hear its voice, to feel its effects.

One summer morning, before heading off to work, we stop for a moment at the edge of the forest next to our country home. Wind gusts come and go. Birds sing gently in the background. The effect is soothing and regenerative. Our minds become aligned with nature. What a wonderful way to start the morning, a healthful infusion of wind and bird song that prepares us for the coming day.

June 23, 2015 at 5am. Forest edge on the outskirts of Ithaca, New York Recorded by Lang Elliott.

Winter Waterfall - track art

Winter Waterfall

In their quest to remain relaxed or to prepare for sleep, people sometimes listen to artificially generated “white noise,” which helps cover up the incessant noise of civilization as well as internally generated sounds such as tinnitus. In our exploration of wild areas, we are always on the lookout for natural, atmospheric soundscapes that we believe might have an even more powerful healing effect.

During a winter excursion in the rolling hills around home, we discover a waterfall that has all the ingredients we desire. A smooth and rumbling rush that spreads before us, occupying the full frequency range of human hearing, from low to high. The soundscape is relatively undifferentiated, although we can hear subtle gurgles to each side, from above and below the waterfall. This is exactly what we’ve been waiting for.

Nature’s healing white noise … gentle atmospheric immersion … gushing forth for all to hear.

February 2, 2018 at 10am. Shindagin Hollow, near Brooktondale, New York. Recorded by Lang Elliott.

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