The Purchasing Process

1. To purchase an item, click on the big green “Purchase” button:

graphic showing Purchase Button

2. Within a few seconds, that button should change to “Checkout” (for an instant you may see a prompt saying “Item successfully added to cart”):

graphic showing Checkout Button

3. Your “Shopping Cart” is visible at the top of the left sidebar, allowing you to verify that the item has been added to your cart:

graphic showing Shopping Cart in left sidebar

4) There are three ways to go to the “Checkout Page” in order to finalize your order, 1) Click the big green “Checkout” button, 2) Click the checkout link in the shopping cart at the top of the left sidebar, or 3) Click on the “Checkout Page” navigation tab at the top of the page.

graphic showing three ways to go to Checkout

5) Now, when you go to our secure checkout page, you’ll see that your product has been added:

graphic showing Checkout Page

6) To complete your order, choose your payment technique, fill in the information, and hit submit. When the PayPal or Stripe credit card processing is complete, you will be directed to your Purchase Confirmation Page, which includes your download link.

If for any reason you are unable to place your order, please contact our support staff immediately and we will attempt to resolve the problem. Please describe what went wrong in as much detail as possible:


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