Lower the Volume!

a volume meter with volume set to 100%In recent years there has been a movement to process music recordings to increase the overall perceived volume, based on the notion that louder is always better (see Loudness Wars). As you might suspect, we take the opposite approach and master our titles so that you will not be overwhelmed by loudness or shaken by sudden, disturbing sound events. Our goal is to provide you with recordings of pristine nature that will help you relax and de-stress, so we generally avoid featuring tracks that are dominated by loud and cacophonous sound events.

Eastern Towhee SingingLower The Volume If Necessary: When listening to nature, it is important to keep the volume on the low side, so that the listening experience is more relaxing and natural. We strongly advise that you adjust the volume control of your device so that our recordings are soothing and immersive, just like they are in nature. Please do not insult your senses by playing our recordings at too high a volume, such that the birds go YACK! in your ears. Surely, you don’t want that to happen! Right?