Send Nature Sounds As Gifts!

Our pure nature titles are available as compact discs which can be purchased and then sent as Birthday or Christmas gifts, or just to surprise a loved one.

But what about sending digital downloads as gifts? Is this possible?

ANSWER: It’s easy! Add a title to your shopping cart in the normal way. When you go to our Checkout Page, you’ll see a list of the titles you’re ordering. To the right of each title’s name, you’ll see a “gift this item?” link. Click that link and fill in the pertinent information, including a brief message from you. When you pay for your order, an attractive e-mail with your name and message will be automatically sent to the lucky person, with prominent links for downloading each title. And you will receive a receipt (with disabled links).

We do have one request: So as to avoid confusion, please contact your friend shortly after sending your “digital download” gift, just to make sure he/she received it and understands what to do with it.

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