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INSECT LULLABIES features ten relaxing late summer and autumn insect choruses, all recorded in the dark of the night. Enjoy our insect musicians at their best … the lovely trills and chirps of crickets, the percussive scrapes and shuffles of katydids, enlivened by the distant hoots and howls of owls and coyotes. Imagine, in the cold of winter, falling asleep to a pulsing, simmering, summer night’s lullaby.

10 tracks, 75 mins. (Compact Disc Version available here)


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photo of Lang ElliottNotes by Lang Elliott: Through the years, many folks have contacted me about obtaining a “CD” featuring relaxing insect choruses heard in late summer and early autumn. Well, the days of having to invest in an inventory of a thousand CDs are gone (thank goodness), but I certainly have no problem offering such a title as a digital download product … and at long last, here it is! I waded through dozens of field recordings to choose these tracks. The problem is that many insect choruses are a bit on the raucous side and may not quite fit into the category of “relaxing.” I believe that these ten tracks do indeed help calm the mind, although it’s important to play them at a low to moderate volume, imitating the levels at which they are heard in nature. If you play them on the soft side, these soundscapes can be very appealing to the senses. Some hypnotize with a regular pulsating beat, while others mesmerize through gentle and continuous scintillation. And everyone loves it when the owls and coyotes join in, their howls and hoots providing a resonant, low-pitched counterpoint to the insect chorus!

Product Details:
Title: Insect Lullabies
Type: Pure Nature Soundscapes (stereo/binaural)
Length: 10 tracks, 75 minutes
Format: MP3 (256kbps) digital download, FLAC digital download, CD on Demand
Download File Name: (137 megabytes); (430 mb)
Date Published: February 2013
Recordists: Lang Elliott, Ted Mack, and Wil Hershberger
Copyright: “Insect Lullabies” © 2013 Lang Elliott, Music of Nature, All Rights Reserved (note: each track is individually copyrighted by the person who recorded the track).
Cover Photo: conehead katydid © Wil Hershberger

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  1. Mary says:

    I ordered Insect Lullabies (MP3) and had a few glitches with my download. I sure appreciated your super fast response to my query about my troubles. Great customer service!. I’ve now downloaded the files and am super happy with the tracks. Love all the sounds you have available — I’ll be back to buy more soon.


  2. Anne says:

    “I enjoy listening to the Crickets @ night from my Window in north eastern usa; my question is: “How good of hearing do Crickets have ? they seem to be able to hear another Cricket’s and respond with a song like chirping”; how does the Cricket make the “soft chirping sound in The distance”; thanks !!! @

  3. Dean says:

    When I listen to the night, I wonder if there’s something stirring within me that may have primordial origins. Men have intently listened, in silence, to the night for hundreds of thousands of years. It has only been a very short time in humanity’s existence that we, as a species, have moved away from nature, to our great loss. Anyway, I wanted to say that I really enjoyed your work. The sounds, however, don’t make me sleepy. I, actually, feel more alert and awake (in a good way) while I’m under its spell. Great job!

  4. Kay Miner says:

    I paid for these Insect Lullabies and haven’t received them. I accidentally marked the FLAC and shoud have marked MP3. Can you resend them to my email?
    Thank you,
    Kay Miner

  5. colton says:

    can get moutain lion???????????

  6. Debra Nicole says:

    I had to put this CD on in the middle of the day to listen to ALL of it – it’s LOVELY. When I play it at night as a sleep aid, I NEVER get passed track 3!!!! It’s a KNOCKOUT, pure and simple and my cat enjoys it too! We both fall fast asleep to the soothing sounds of nature.

    • Lang Elliott says:

      Debra: Glad you like it! And please stay tuned (via my newsletter) … a number of new titles are on the way, with six due out sometime in February and another five or so shortly thereafter. Many will be meditative. For example, one title is “Thrush Rainsong” and features wood thrushes singing in light rain. Very relaxing indeed!

      • Sheila says:

        How and when can I buy some of the new cds that you mentioned coming out in February?
        The sooner the better. I have a number of your great nature cds and I love, love, love all of them.
        They are so refreshing and soothing to our weary souls.
        Many, many thanks for all of your wonderful work!!

  7. youcef says:

    thank you so much for this great and nice work

  8. Anne 1951 says:

    Cool !!! I have crickets lulling me every night with their melodic chirps…I love the sounds o’ Mother Nature”!
    thank=u !

  9. narendra says:

    amazing collection of sounds. its true that divine music is highest order of music which soothes our soul to no comparison

  10. sheila tedder says:

    Thanks for taking the time to let me know about “Inssect Concertos” cds that might be available for me.
    Sheila Tedder

  11. sheila tedder says:

    Is there any way that I could purchase a copy of your” Insect Concertos’ that you had several years ago?
    Please write me back on this question.
    Many thanks,
    Sheila Tedder

  12. Virginia says:

    More cicadas! I know they’re rather “raucous”, but that’s the sound I slept to as a child and nothing is more soothing to me. Have you considered offering the tracks individually rather than in packs? Or making region-specific packs?

    • Lang Elliott says:

      Virginia: we may place our titles in iTunes, where we can easily allow for single track purchases. On our website, that would be a big hassle, so we’re only doing album sales.

      We appreciate your comment about cicadas, but note that our native cicadas do not sing at night (although there are one or two dusk singers). They are mostly “heat of the day” singers. So I wonder if you’re thinking of true katydids? Ch-ch-ch … ch-ch-ch (they are heard on two or three tracks of Insect Lullabies).

      In any event, Wil Hershberger will be putting together a second title featuring insect recordings, and he most likely will include a cicada track or two, though recorded during the day or at dusk.

  13. Bill says:


    Several years ago I purchased a copy of your “Insect Concertos” CD and it has given me many peaceful nights of listening pleasure. I am excited to see so many new offerings and will be purchasing some shortly. One question, as a technologically challenged individual, is it possible to put purchased recordings onto a CD once they have been downloaded to my computer? I am assuming the answer is yes but I want to be sure as I still use an old CD/MP3 player to drift off to sleep!

    Keep up the great work!


    • Lang Elliott says:

      Bill: Yes, it should be quite easy to “burn a CD” if you have the proper software. Most programs allow you to drag MP3s directly in to create your playlist of tracks and then you make the CD. Of course, you might also just save the MP3s to a “data” CD and then see if your CD/MP3 player will play that. Let me know if you run into problems (although I’m on a Mac, so I might not be of much help with a PC).

      p.s. don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter, so that you’ll be automatically notified when we publish new titles!

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