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Birds at Dawn cover photo

BIRDS AT DAWN features ten uplifting dawn choruses from across eastern and central North America. Recordings have been selected for their pleasing combinations of sounds, which bring to mind the bursting forth of life in spring and the glorious concerts of nature at the dawning of the day. Perfect for playing softly in the background while you’re working, or at the beginning of each new day.

10 tracks, 72 mins. Compact Disc Version available here



Insect Lullabies cover photo

INSECT LULLABIES features ten relaxing late summer and autumn insect choruses, all recorded in the dark of the night. Enjoy our insect musicians at their best … the lovely trills and chirps of crickets, the percussive scrapes and shuffles of katydids, enlivened by the distant hoots and howls of owls and coyotes. Imagine, in the cold of winter, falling asleep to a pulsing, simmering, summer night’s lullaby.

10 tracks, 72 mins. Compact Disc Version available here



Birds and Brooks cover photo

BIRDS AND BROOKS features the tranquil melodies of distant songbirds set against the gentle gurgling of small creeks and streams. An excellent choice for yoga and meditation. There is nothing more refreshing than the forest in spring, with green leaves unfolding, wildflowers blooming, water sprites dancing, and birds happily singing the music of heaven in this world.

10 tracks, 72 mins. Compact Disc Version available here



Ontario Wavescape cover photo

ONTARIO WAVESCAPE features the sounds of gentle waves washing against stones along the Lake Ontario shoreline in early autumn, set against a mesmerizing chorus of trilling and chirping crickets. A light breeze comes and goes, sometimes creating a soft enveloping whoosh as the wind excites the leaves of trees along the shoreline. This serene recording is perfect for meditation and for falling asleep.

1 track, 66 mins. Compact Disc Version available here



Thunder Toads cover photo

THUNDER TOADS features an hour-long, sublimely relaxing soundscape, recorded among the hills of Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky. American Toads give dreamlike trills accompanied by a gentle chorus of spring peepers. A thunderstorm approaches, with periodic rumbling thunder and several periods of light rain and wind. Off to one side, water drips softly from a moist ledge. Just lovely!/p>

1 track, 61 mins. Compact Disc Version available here



Rain Thrush cover photo

RAIN THRUSH is a supremely relaxing soundscape that features several thrushes (Wood Thrushes and Veerys) singing in light rain on a foggy morning in mid-May. Recorded among the hills of Danby State Forest in upper New York, this title is perfect for meditation and yoga, and provides an immersive backdrop for any activity where relaxation is key. This title ranks high as a pure nature “audio-massage”!

1 track, 72 mins. Compact Disc Version available here



Summer Frogs cover photo

SUMMER FROGS is an uplifting midsummer dawn chorus recorded at a beaver pond surrounded by forest in the rolling hills of upstate New York. Dominated by the throaty gunk! calls of Green Frogs, this wonderful soundscape features the songs and calls of over a dozen other species … quite an impressive variety considering that the bird breeding season is nearly over (see notes below).

1 track, 72 mins. Compact Disc Version available here



Everglades Soundscape cover photo

EVERGLADES SOUNDSCAPE features a series of 14 tracks that convey the extraordinary variety of sounds that can be heard in the Everglades National Park, Big Cypress Preserve, and surrounding areas in southern Florida. From pleasing choruses of insects and hooting owls to a rousing thunderstorm and cacophony of frogs, sit back and enjoy this amazing assortment of nature recordings!

14 tracks, 72.5 mins. Compact Disc Version available here



Voices of the Night cover photo

VOICES OF THE NIGHT features twelve of our most exciting recordings of the mysterious sounds of the night. A variety of birds and mammals are covered, including Barred Owl, Great Horned Owl, Eastern Screech-Owl, Coyote, Beaver, White-tailed Deer, Common Loon, Whip-poor-will, Chuck-will’s Widow, Common Nighthawk, and American Woodcock. Be prepared for a real treat!

12 tracks, 71 mins. Compact Disc Version available here



Loon Lake cover photo

THRUSH FLUTESONGS is a collection of twelve beautiful soundscapes featuring seven different species of North American Thrushes: Wood Thrush, Veery, Hermit Thrush, Swainson’s Thrush, Gray-cheeked Thrush, Bicknell’s Thrush, and Varied Thrush. All are talented musicians whose songs are variously described as magical, flutelike, eerie, and ethereal. This is one of our most treasured titles.

1 track, 74 mins. Compact Disc Version available here



Meadow Pastorale cover photo

MEADOW PASTORALE celebrates the uplifting springtime soundscapes of meadows, grasslands, overgrown fields, and associated hedgerows, ponds, and forest edges. You’ll hear the songs of meadowlarks, bluebirds, sparrows, bobolinks, blackbirds, bobwhites, and more … angelic avian musicians that give voice to pastoral landscapes throughout North America.

12 tracks, 72 mins. Compact Disc Version available here



Loon Lake cover photo

LOON LAKE features over an hour of continuous, awe-inspiring magic recorded in Algonquin National Park, Ontario, in early May, shortly after ice-out. Listen as loons call from near and far, their wails, yodels, and tremolos echoing across still waters against a backdrop of distant spring peepers. At once relaxing, beautiful and sublime, this recording evokes pure pleasure, and is certain to please.

1 track, 74 mins. Compact Disc Version available here



Swamp Song cover photo

SWAMP SONG features over an hour of pristine, immersive nature sounds from the springfed Wacissa River in the panhandle of Florida. The recording begins before dawn, with owls, insects, and treefrogs dominating. Dawn soon unfolds and herons, grebes, moorhens, and songbirds celebrate the new day with their songs. At once an engaging, relaxing, and extraordinary nature sound experience.

1 track, 67 mins. Compact Disc Version available here



Amazon Dreams cover photo

AMAZON DREAMS celebrates the extraordinary soundscape heard deep in the Peruvian rainforest. By day, the towering forest is alive with the songs of tinamous, toucans, motmots, nunbirds, titi monkeys, and a host of other species, set against a rich backdrop of insect sounds. By night, the frogs and owls come into their own, gracing both forest and swamp with captivating, otherworldly sounds.

10 tracks, 83 mins. Compact Disc Version available here



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  1. MANAS MANDAL says:

    Extra ordinary.

  2. eileen says:

    Hi, I am new to your site, and I am interested in knowing if you offer previews of your cd selections? I would be interested in hearing short previews of selections before I decide to place an order online.

  3. Kevin Colver says:

    Gorgeous Sounds! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  4. David says:

    I can’t wait to try these out. I’m wondering, if I’m interested in getting the best sound quality possible, would it be better for me to buy the cd versions or to download the FLAC versions?
    Also, do the cd versions come with the track descriptions?

    • Lang Elliott says:

      David: Sorry I was a bit slow in answering this. These days I’m spending almost all my time trying to get miracleofnature.org in shape for posting content. CDs and FLAC are exactly the same quality … 16-bit, 44.1kHz. I see this morning that you’ve ordered CDs and I think that is a fine choice. As for track descriptions, they are available as PDF downloads from this website. The CDs include very brief descriptions, but that’s all.

      Let me know what you think of the CDs.

  5. Darren Duff says:

    Hi. Love the web sight! a quick question if I may. will any of your nature sound studio albums find there way to music of nature? I have voices of the swamp, frog concertos, song bird portraits, and insect concertos, but would love to own some of your other albums as well! Thanks so much for all you guys do.

    • Lang Elliott says:

      Darren: Yes, my earlier titles (or at least the tracks therein) will be integrated, though most likely not using the same titles. In other words, my old titles are being disassembled and repurposed. For instance, my current “Insect Lullabies” includes tracks from our original “Insect Concertos.” And my partner Wil is working on a second title that will include some more tracks from the original title, along with new ones.

  6. alex says:

    Any chance of having the frogs and insect concertos re-issued? Looking for them and can’t find. :(

    • Lang Elliott says:

      Our current “Insect Lullabies” is very similar to “Insect Concertos” and we hope to have a second insect title available sometime in the next six months or so. And yes, we will also make available several new frog and toad CDs. I’m not sure if we’ll re-issue Frog Concertos per se, but most of the recordings featured on that older title will find their way into new titles. I hope to have our first new frog & toad title available sometime in June.

  7. Herman Rubin says:

    I am wondering if The Birdsong Tutor for Visually Handicapped Individuals has been reissued in the new talking book format. Or is it available in CD or MP3 format. Thank you.

    • Lang Elliott says:

      Herman: I think it may very well still be available through the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology (they published it originally, not me). So please contact them to see if you can acquire a copy.

  8. Keith Murdock says:

    Great work, I have used some of your videos on You-tube. They are all brilliant, I have placed copyright and links back to you. I have placed another link from http://worldbirds.eu/zparent/usa_birding.htm I hope this helps your endeavor .
    Good birding

  9. Dr. James Remsen Jr. says:

    Exciting “coming attractions” on the main page…looks like a Florida swamp/river soundscape perhaps, and a whole album of just thrushes! That would be great if true; they are my favorite avian singers.

  10. Zack Frieben says:

    Your soundscapes have finally been published! Awesome! Also Lang, on a PBS TV Show I watched today called “Bird Tales,” at the end, someone that looked like you was with a women, and was telling her what species of birds were singing around her. He even sounded like you too!

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